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PresidentDear Nature Lovers,
Greetings from Nepal Meditation !!

As a chairperson of this mission, I would like to welcome you all in the Naturopathy home at the Institute of Nepal Meditation, Kathmandu, Nepal.

I am working in this field for last 30 years and found myself as the happiest person as doing so. This education can make us efficient working and concentration is of no doubt. More over this system and education teaches specially the living art. Once you really learn the means of living art, you applied this in the beautification of your life, beautification through the viewpoint of spiritual beauty, natural beauty, social beauty, mental beauty and these all beautification reflect on your successful life.

Also we serve people providing Naturopathic treatment to the chronic/acute pressure, diabetes, asthma, leaver, arthritis and heart diseases. Almost all problems are curable by Yoga & Meditation.

We invite you all to join this campaign to testify the real value of the Nature.

Thank you.

Nepal Meditation
Kathmandu Nepal
Fax: 00977-1-4423542
Email: info@nepalmeditation.com

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