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" Dust thou art, to dust thou returnest "
" Fasting is the most efficient means of correcting any disease "
Dr. Adolf Mayor- Germany

" Water is good, air is better & light is best of all "

Arnold Rickli

" I am means not only the body but the thought, I am means not only the feeling but the consciousness "

Dr. Krishna Panday

All these beautiful lines mentioning the manifestation of the Nature, interrelation of the Nature with we like living creature as well. Universe and this planet are basically the form of five elements like soil, water heat air and sky. We creatures are also the small component of it, we formed from this, we go through this and we end in this, so these five elements itself are the good healer of all.

Nepal is a Himalayan kingdom situated in between China and India possessing the richest geographical and biological diversity amongst the world. Nepal has been the synonyms of the Natural beauty and cultural heritage. This place also has been the birthplace and the playing ground of the lord Shiva and the Lord Buddha-are the great personalities of religiously the eastern philosophy. Philosophy says the "Vedas" are the oldest scripture ever found in the world. These spiritual scripts are the description of Natural beauty, Natural medicine, Natural herbals, natural way of living etc. and obviously the scripture is the great science and the science of spiritual philosophy where science and spirituality moves together, this kind of unity is "Yoga".

Saint Patanjali is another big name of the eastern philosophy who invented the great science of "Yoga and Meditation" hence the world renowned "Patanjali Yoga" is this. The yoga here meant a unity of things - unity of mind, body and soul. An unity of soul and eternity etc. Yoga and Meditation is an art of living, which perpetually has to be associated with human life to make it peace, energetic and success.

Ayurbedic herbals and Yoga is another synonym of proper health. Proper health here means reasonable by mind, accountable by physic and trustworthy by soul. Acheiving these three means of parameters in ones life is the grateful life.

We have been loosing the natural health in this busy and tense world however the natural health has to be revived. Body, soul and mind have to be well united and have to let them work in their full capacity so that the given task can be done in its fullest satisfaction. But mind, physic and soul can blossom together only in the happiest and balanced personalities. The mentioned personalities can be developed one and only through the performance of Yoga & Meditation.

Yoga itsself is a Medicine, can help us to angiography and by pass surgery with out any operation; Yoga is the permanent solution of pressure, diabetes, asthma etc.. Once you start performing Yoga never you become a sick.

As the Yoga and Meditation grows and matures the mind goes on becoming more pure. From this, mind becomes free from impurity and then slowly it progresses unconscious to sub-conscious, from sub-conscious to conscious and conscious to super conscious state, that is the state of "Samadhi" and if Samadhi is achieved that's the final goal of human value.

These are some hints of Yoga & Meditation. The institute serves you the real practice at the Naturopathy home in Kathmandu. In this regard the institute offering the following services since a long.

General Services:
Yoga and Meditation
Herbal Therapy
Massage Therapy
Pranayama Therapy
Hydro Therapy
Mud Therapy
Six Cleaning Process

Traning Courses:
Primary Yoga Therapy
40 hours
Training Instructor of Yoga
100 hours
Training for Massage Therapy
100 hours
Yoga and Naturopathy
1 Year Diploma
Outdoor Camping
Weekend Program (2 days)

This is all done under the supervision of renowned Doctors and Professors. You no furthermore worry about the health problems. Please beautify the life.

"This is better to making an eating habits simple, natural and vegetarian. Eat 50 % of food, drink
25 % of water and leave 25 % of space for air"

"Fasting is an important part of good health. At the time of fasting we don't loose our immunity to digest the foods rather it works to release the toxins from the body"

"Practise has shown that those who stay in mud house, mud beds, wooden furniture's, open air living habits with plantation as well have healthier and long life than that of modern housing and living."

"Naturopathy means one way to another is a Nature centric system that either you eat, live, drink or make any activities must be the natural. This is the natural art of living through which we activate all of our immunity with out

"Food management, acknowledgement of food supplement, yoga & meditation, positive thinking, reading writing and hard working as such is the part of good health and is the part of naturopathy."

Mud Theraphy
Jal Neti
Facial Steam
Ruber Neti
Treatment Materials
Foot Bath
Yoga Posture
Physio Theraphy