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Herbal Therapy:
Physical therapy is given with the different herbal products, like herbal oils, herbal powder, leaves, herbal pastes, herbal dusts, Moxibustion etc.

Massage Therapy:
Therapeutic massage is given according to the needs of the patients.This is of three types that is Hard Massage, Soft Massage and Pressing Massage. Hard and Soft Massage can be dry or oil. (in any oil massage, we can use herbal oil, herbal powder, herbal aromas or any Ayurbedic massage)

Yoga & Meditation:
Yoga and Meditation contains a large meaning with in. It has simple physical exercise to a larger spiritual value of life. Concentration connecting human value to super consciousness. We learn a real art of living performing yoga and meditation.

Acupuncture and Acupressure:
There is flow of life energy in our body. Only the flow of this energy can exist our life. The flow path of energy is called Meridians and each meridians are connected with certain points is called acupoints. Our body system is working in information and communication basis. By injecting needles and pressing the certain points, we can make balance many problems.

Steam Bath:
This is a certain device where we give steam in our body system. Steam may have different herbals or Ayurbedic aromas. Steam bath can activate our internal immunity system and regulates the internal communication and information system in a right manner. This can be given locally or whole body according to the needs.

Pranayama Therapy:
This is “pranayama” -the breathing exercise. There is certain system of breathing exercise and can perform in many ways that can purify all of our nervous system, activate the glands functions and the immunity.

Six cleaning Process:
This is washing our internal body system, this is also a yogic purification practice. Before performing Yoga we should wash certain organs to make it effecient for Yoga & Meditation. ( specially washing eye, nose, throat, stomach)

Primary Yoga therapy:
we produce people to work in yoga therapy.This is training session of one month. This production can work as an assistant in the yoga therapy.

Training Instructor of Yoga:
This is three month training session. Those who learn this course can be the training instructor of yoga therapy.

Training of Massage Therapy:
This is six month training session. The people produced from here can be the assistant in the therapeutic massage.

Natural force or energy that is received from the universe & discharge to one's body by the healer. This vital fource or energy opening and cleaning all the blockage and toxins of the body receiver.

We have simple adjustment for those who want stay in institute for more knowledge.(Price US $ 3)

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